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Urszula RichardsI'm glad you're here.

If you're on a similar journey to myself - a solo business owner who wants to make a difference, double welcome :)  This really is some adventure we're on. 

It can be challenging and confusing - particularly in the ever changing online & social media environment.

The thing I may be able to help with is how to navigate your online and business journey. Having someone interpret, guide and 'bounce questions and ideas off' can make a big difference.

This is my jam.  I have run my own digital agency for over 10 years, supported hundreds of small businesses and often built their websites. Over that time I have developed a deep understanding of the stuck points business owners face, and what can help in moving forwards. My clients say that I explain complex things well - in a way they can understand.

Despite having over 20 years of mentoring, training and educating people in this space, I am still learning every single day.

There are also many technical challenges when trying to implement marketing online, which can significantly impact your success for better or worse.  I see my role as helping identify these, and help cut through slick marketing messages of products and services which have no value - my pet hate. On the other hand, helping illuminate the path and dimming (useless) bright shiny objects brings me joy!

This work is my 'true love', particularly deep diving deep into your aspirations and business to find ways to increase both ease and effectiveness.

The clients who benefit most in working with me -
  • know that there is a need to embrace the online medium and want to understand it - even if they don't personally want to implement the bulk of it.  Understanding is crucial to trusting the process, so that even if you opt to have someone else do this work for you, you know what you are asking of them, and know if it is working.
  • are open to kind but frank conversations when exploring the path forward - because if you keep doing what you've always done then ... you know the rest
  • can devote some time to learning and implementing, or have someone who they can delegate to, have trained up or outsource to (or we can find someone)

My many years in this field have enabled me able to tap into all manner of experts, and to craft custom strategies for you based on both your big picture and the required implementation in mind, simultaneously. No point setting strategies which have little likelihood of ever being implemented (More about this here).

My mentoring programs allow you to have the equivalent of an in-house Marketing Manager in your micro business, with the added benefit of having someone objective and on your side to regularly talk with. 

I can assure you we will also have a lot of FUN. Fun makes the energy flow and sets the correct tone - because if we're not enjoying the journey - why are we on it?  Prepare for loud laughter.

If you'd like to connect, you can send me a message on the contact page, send a connection request on LinkedIn, or book in a 30 minute call.

Can't wait to chat.                    

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